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Lovely small tea making machine for time and room saving. Use for water boiling with two switch system,
    1. an automatic warming which switches off automatically after warming so there's no risk if you forget to turn off the boiler.
    2. a switch of control by yourself for speed boiling and a manual switch off system.
--Size: H120mm, W233mm, L268mm.
--Electricity Use: 220V/600W.
--All-day standby with power saving system

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A perfect tea making machine for tea drinking, helps tea making faster and easier.
Besides its luxurious design, it's also made to be handy in appropriate size, most of use for tea drinkers.
--Size: H110mm, W380mm, L570mm.
--Electricity Use: 220V/600W (water boiling)
                           220V/ 350W(stainless cup)
--All-day standby with power saving system

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For the air of classic and pleasure tea making.

A Tea Spoon for putting tea leaves in a tea pot.
A Wood Forceps for tea cup cleaning.
A Piercing Wood for tea pot's hole clearing.
A Wood Stick for taking tea leaves out of tea pot.

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